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Sakite is a municipality in the eastern part of Zambia, located in the Eastern Province. It is an administrative centre for the Eastern Province and has a population of approximately 66,000. Sakite is on the southern border of Mongu District, and lies approximately 10 kilometres northeast of Lusaka, the capital of the nation.

The province

The Eastern Province of Zambia is in the heart of the Eastern African Great Lakes region. Its climate is similar to the south of the United States, and its rainfall is some of the highest in the world. Much of the province is the Victoria Falls catchment area, and the province is also home to the world’s most beautiful waterfall.

The Eastern Province of Zambia is also well known for being the home of the Kalomo mud volcano which has erupted on several occasions. While this has never released enough poisonous gases to cause an environmental disaster, it has been responsible for the poisoning of many thousands of Zambians.

The Eastern Province is also home to nearly half of the nation’s population, and is home to some of the best, and some of the worst, animals in the world.

A network of dirt tracks enables travellers to get from one town to another, some of these dirt tracks include:

The Lusaka Province Tourism Development Board

The Lusaka Province Tourism Development Board (LPTB) is the official tourism organization of Lusaka, the capital of the Eastern Province of Zambia. The Lusaka Province Tourism Development Board is responsible for promoting tourism to the entire province of Lusaka, as well as promoting tourism outside of the province. The Lusaka Province Tourism Development Board is currently responsible for the promotion of tourism in the district of Monze.

Wetlands of Zambia

Wetlands make up approximately 20% of Zambia’s total land area. Wetlands are an important part of the country’s ecological life-support system, as they provide water for human consumption and for agriculture, as well as flood control for the surrounding community. Other reasons why wetlands are so important include:

The Lusaka

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