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The following best practices were used to collect this data, and you can refer to these best practices to help you select the best AutoCAD features for your design needs. See Best Practices for more details.

Questions or concerns? Please post them in the comments section of this page.

This is an updated version of the Best Practices. I will continue to monitor the suggestions made in the comments section and update the post accordingly. If you find any new relevant information or any existing information that is not mentioned below, please let me know.

Please see this discussion if you’re not familiar with AutoCAD best practices.

What are the criteria to be considered a best practice?

AutoCAD has the following attributes:

Recommended AutoCAD features

Pros Cons Automatically detects on-screen mouse movements

Built-in cursor tracking

Multi-tab and multi-window capability

Dynamic brushes

Sets, layers, and annotation

Entity-editing mode

Dynamic tools (for example, the real-time spline curve)

Auto-setting dimensions

Design history

AutoCAD tools


Accessibility (for example, large font, large command line, or pull-down menus)

Optional AutoCAD features

Pros Cons AutoCAD Menu bar

Docking and undocking windows

Separate command line

Automatic window scaling

Improved handling of document size and resolution

Auto-centered design display

Quick command

Auto-detect and auto-apply display settings

Better dynamic linetypes

What is the purpose of the Best Practices?

The purpose of the Best Practices is to give you, the AutoCAD users, a general guideline to select the features from the list that best meets your design needs. It is, by no means, a guideline of selecting features only for the sake of selecting features. For example, AutoCAD is not a selection tool for features, it is a tool for drawing, editing, and viewing. And, hence, the best practice includes a few design and accessibility considerations.

Design criteria

Use this criteria to evaluate the features that meet your design needs.

General features (for example, layer-enabled features)

The following features are available for most users who use a mouse. Please note that the number of the mouse buttons can be

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2011 BETA of AutoCAD WS/XML.
2010 BETA of AutoCAD WPF, a new User Interface for AutoCAD, based on WPF. AutoCAD’s new UI for 2010 is set to use WPF and Microsoft Silverlight.
2010 BETA of AutoCAD XDI, an XML-based Document Exchange format.
2010 BETA of AutoCAD Architecture, allowing architects to create complete architectural drawings with fewer AutoCAD commands.
2009 Beta of AutoCAD 2010, a new set of tools that includes:
Edge browser rendering
A new print dialog for printing drawings
The ability to import and export DWG/DXF drawings in a variety of formats, such as OpenDocument.
The ability to save files as PDF.
Some new features in engineering, construction, and mechanical design.
New command, “Snap To”, allows a user to snap two or more objects to each other.

Note, in the 2009 release, some of the default desktop settings were changed. In particular, the “Desktop” window was changed from “Toolbox” to “Main Menu”. The toolbar was moved to the top left of the screen. On the Mac, this required a user to use “File – New” to access the toolbar. In addition, some dialog boxes (such as the command dialog box) were removed. These changes were reverted in the 2010 release.

AutoCAD 10 was released on August 29, 2009.

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AutoCAD [Latest-2022]

Open an Autocad file.

Copy the key from the.exe file to the same folder as the Autocad program.

Install the Autocad program.

Type the key into the Autocad program.
Note: When you type the key, it will only accept the first four digits (which is the key) so you must
type it again.

You can now exit the program.

If you copy the key to the Autocad program, it will allow you to open the key file.
The key file is in the.dat format and it is very large. The name is “key”.

Type the key into the Autocad program and close the program.

If you copied the key into the Autocad program, the program will not run.

Delete the key file.

Open the Autocad program.

Type the key into the Autocad program and close the program.

You should now be able to open the key file and open the Autocad program.

If you open the key file, it will prompt you to enter your activation code.
Type your code and press enter.

If you copy the key file to the Autocad program, it will prompt you to enter your activation code.

Type your code and press enter.

If you type the key into the Autocad program, it will prompt you to enter your activation code.

Type your code and press enter.

If you close the Autocad program, it will open up with you on the “Autocad Designer” screen.

Press the “File” menu and select “Exit”.

Press “File” and select “Exit”.

Exit the Autocad program.

Exit the Autodesk Autocad program.

The key will be deleted from your computer.

Exit the Autodesk Autocad program.

Exit the Autodesk Autocad program.

The key will be deleted from your computer.

Save your work.

How to use a serial number

Download the proper serial number from the Autodesk Autocad website.

Open the serial number file.

Copy the serial number to the same folder as the Autocad program.

Install the Autocad program.

Open the serial number file.

Type the serial number

What’s New in the?

We used to call this mode “Markup Assist” in the earlier editions of AutoCAD. And that name stuck, even though it’s really more accurate to say this mode is “Markup Import” because the display shows Import Markup tool.

Any file that is imported into the drawing can be turned into a new feature with Insert commands and placed into the drawing with a variety of insertion methods. You can select a file from your computer or move it to the drawing with the Move command. You can use a reference file that is saved as an annotation, create a reference point with the Create Reference command, or create a new annotation feature with the Insert Feature command.

Import Markup supports text files, including tables, drawings, and specifications (AutoCAD 2019 only). The Import Markup tool also supports PDF, PowerPoint, and Word documents in the import format. Annotation files are also supported, but there is no file type setting.

We recommend using the drawing’s Table Styles so you can insert automatic table references and text.

You can use Import Markup to quickly import the comments in AutoCAD documents without having to create a drawing that duplicates the design.

The new Export to Microsoft Word feature allows you to export drawings from AutoCAD into a Word document that can be used to generate manuals, estimates, quotes, and marketing materials.

If you share your drawing files with colleagues and business partners, they can now easily import the drawing into their applications and receive markup feedback directly within the drawing window.

In previous releases of AutoCAD, you could import a picture into a drawing and use the Import command to use that image as the background of the drawing. But you couldn’t place that imported image anywhere in the drawing, and there was no easy way to mark up the image.

With AutoCAD 2023, we have added Import Background Images that can be imported into any shape to act as the background image for that shape. You can mark up the image or use it as the background for your drawing. You can easily select and place the imported image in your drawing.

You can import the color of any border into your drawing and use that color for the border around any shape. You can also easily convert any annotation background to any shape with the Convert Background to Shape tool.

We also improved the drawing commands to make importing your drawings easier. If you have AutoCAD

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