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Edit and Toggle File Status on Google App Engine

I’m using Python 2.7.10 with the App Engine SDK to create an app and I am trying to figure out how to set the status of a file uploaded to a datastore model.
Specifically, in a form, I am creating a File entity and I want it to be able to be modified by user input. When the user saves the form and creates the new File entity, I want to be able to set the status of the datastore entity to “active”.
When I try to set the status, I get the error:
BadPropertyValueError: Property status must be a valid property for the entity.

I tried removing the “active” property from the datastore and adding it back, and I still got the error. I was able to get around it by including an image of the entity so I know the entity exists, but I’m pretty sure that would not be acceptable for my user interface.
I’m not sure why I’m getting this error, and I don’t understand the apparent need for the “status” property to be in the entity for the datastore to let me edit the entity. Any thoughts?


Try removing status from your file field configuration:
file = models.FileField(upload_to=get_upload_location)

And mark status as nullable in your models:
status = models.CharField(max_length=30, null=True)

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