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AutoCAD Crack + Download [March-2022]

In 2017, Autodesk announced the release of AutoCAD Crack Mac Architecture, a software platform that enables users to create new building models, renovate existing models, and collaborate with other architectural professionals in real time using cloud technology.

AutoCAD Serial Key is a highly versatile software. It is built into most new computers, and it can also be used to create and manipulate 2D and 3D objects on a wide variety of operating systems. Although it is most often used to create architectural designs, it can also be used to create any type of 2D or 3D design. Because it is very powerful and well-engineered, AutoCAD is considered a highly professional choice for creating CAD drawings.

AutoCAD comes in several varieties. It is available in several versions, each focused on a different application. There are three main versions of AutoCAD. The current release of AutoCAD (in version 2019) is AutoCAD LT. It is designed for small to medium-sized businesses that need only a basic level of technical support. Two other versions of AutoCAD are Architectural Desktop (AD), and Architectural Desktop LT (ADLT). AD is primarily used by large enterprises with engineering staffs and facilities to support these large projects. ADLT is a simplified version of AD with fewer features, such as large-scale analysis and simulation, intended for small businesses or individual users.

Also available is Autodesk’s AutoCAD 360 cloud platform. It is designed to create and share 360-degree and immersive-grade 3D visualizations. With Autodesk’s new project-based collaborative space, Revit, teams of architects can work together on the same design elements at the same time and in the same location. As a result, design documentation becomes readily searchable, reusable, and available to all team members.

Autodesk has also created a program called AutoCAD Student. It is designed to help educators teach CAD concepts in an innovative way. Using AutoCAD Student, students can learn the basic concepts of 2D and 3D modeling in an interactive environment. There are three variations of AutoCAD Student, which allow students to customize their learning experience. These variations include AutoCAD Student LT, AutoCAD Student with Standalone Server, and AutoCAD Student LT with Standalone Server.

What is Autodesk AutoCAD?

Autodesk AutoCAD (or AutoCAD LT, for small and medium-sized businesses

AutoCAD PC/Windows

The native format is the native format of the platform it is designed for. Some non-native formats are capable of being imported and exported via the native format, such as DXF. AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT both support AutoCAD R12 and DWG formats. AutoCAD LT supports AutoCAD LT format. AutoCAD 2016 supports DXF format.

The dxfplus:file extension is used by AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT for native dxf files. dxfplus:file is used by AutoCAD for non-native dxf files.

Format support for AutoCAD has changed from release to release. Although DXF is a native file type for AutoCAD, the earliest version of AutoCAD (1982) didn’t support DXF natively, and there was no native AutoCAD format before AutoLISP. AutoCAD R12 added native DXF support and later released AutoCAD LT, and that became the native format. AutoCAD 2006 added native DXF support and AutoCAD LT 2D. AutoCAD 2010 added native DXF support and AutoCAD LT 3D. AutoCAD 2013 added native DXF support and AutoCAD LT 3D – formerly the native format – released 2014 was natively backward compatible with 2010, and only supports DXF natively. AutoCAD 2016 will be natively backward compatible with 2013, and supports native DXF, native DWG, and native 3D.

Document control
The AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD 2010 documents are the first to have native document control and versioning. AutoCAD LT 2D and AutoCAD 2010 allowed third-party applications to use the document control, but none did so before. AutoCAD 2006 didn’t offer document control.

Native document control has changed with each release: AutoCAD LT 3D has native document control, AutoCAD 2010 has native document control, and AutoCAD 2013 has native document control. AutoCAD 2016 has native document control.

The native file format is supported by all AutoCAD releases since 1982. DXF is natively supported by AutoCAD LT, but requires either the native application or third-party AutoCAD-compatible products, such as the “Form” command. AutoCAD LT natively supports the.dwg,.dxf,.dwg2, and.dw

AutoCAD Crack+ Activator Free

Open the program and start the first project that you see.
Open the File menu and choose Add New.
A dialog box will open where you can choose the size and color of the bar.
Choose the bar color and size you like, click OK, and add the bar to your design.

How to add the bar to a design
Select the bar from the Bar toolbox.
Click in the drawing area.
If the bar is selected, click one of the bar options from the Bar menu on the ribbon.

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#define DEV_TC 1
#define DEV_TX 2
#define DEV_RX 3
#define DEV_CTS 4
#define DEV_DSR 5
#define DEV_RI 6
#define DEV_DCD 7
#define DEV_CT_OUT 8
#define DEV_RTS 9
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#define DEV_RX

What’s New In?

Drawings can be edited with the intuitive new Markup Assistant. Simply drag and drop tools to add annotate, text, lines, arrows, and measurements to your drawings. The Markup Assistant responds to your gestures, automatically aligning tools to your drawing features, and drawing paths follow your annotations.


Report on the status of your drawings. Use the new Auditing feature to track the changes you’ve made.

Workgroups, Licenses, and Viewing:

Make your workgroups flexible and expandable. License for users or groups to improve collaboration. View the latest files from a network.

Application layer:

Stay on top of your project while supporting the latest technology. Start with the new Application Layer in AutoCAD to handle file and project collaboration, corporate standards, and more.


Make detailed drawings with CAD. Digitize drawings with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for automatically importing text. Consolidate your drawings with the new 3D Warehouse that also automatically indexes your 2D and 3D files.


Rethink buildings and infrastructure. Increase productivity with cloud-based tools, workflows, and services.

Smarter presentations:

With new features like Comment Box, work with colleagues to collaboratively write comments in a shared drawing. Create presentations from drawings, with the new Create PDF feature, which automatically creates a PDF or PowerPoint document from a drawing, including annotations, comments, and drawings.

Housing and Transportation:

Design with perspective and plan for the future. With the new City Studio, visualize the impact of buildings, streets, rail lines, and other infrastructure on the neighborhood and on the life and mobility of its residents. Design for a more sustainable, smarter city. Use new tools to plan for the future and influence city planning.

AutoCAD 2020

What’s new in AutoCAD 2020


Be efficient with multi-block operations. Select multiple blocks to perform a cut, flip, copy, or move operations simultaneously.


Preview multiple options to make the best choice for your design. Select multiple blocks to display all applicable options for a task in the Showcase.


Edit text and attributes in a collaborative environment. View text from Word and Excel documents directly in your drawing. Use the new Text Editor to draw

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (64-bit)
CPU: 2.5 GHz
Video Card: DirectX 11 Compatible GPU
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Web browser: Internet Explorer 10 / Mozilla Firefox 40 / Google Chrome 36 / Safari 6
Additional Notes:
1. Keyboard and mouse are not supported
2. The game requires a new computer to play the game. You must

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