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AutoCAD 2018 Overview

AutoCAD 2018 is an extremely robust and powerful commercial 2D drafting and design software package for both the desktop and mobile environments, released in mid-June 2018. The main difference between the 2018 version and the 2017 version of AutoCAD is that the latest version incorporates user interface and interactivity improvements. These improvements result in smoother interactions with the software, among other changes.

While the current release is compatible with AutoCAD 2017 and earlier versions of AutoCAD, a software upgrade is highly recommended because the 2018 release includes significant improvements, particularly in the area of rendering and visualization, and also includes additional productivity tools and capabilities.

The 2018 release of AutoCAD is available in various editions (described below), with prices starting from $699 to $6,799.

For AutoCAD 2018, you can choose from a single-seat license with perpetual access to all features, a multi-seat license with three seat licenses (one for you, and two for your users), and a multi-seat license with five seat licenses (one for you, and four for your users). Your license includes access to any compatible AutoCAD 2017 seat license. All AutoCAD 2018 licenses include a customer support contract, the full software, all the documentation, the complete set of installation media (software DVDs and CDs), and a 24/7 phone number to support your AutoCAD installation.

What’s new and different in AutoCAD 2018?

The main difference between AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD 2018 is that the latest version incorporates user interface and interactivity improvements. These improvements result in smoother interactions with the software, among other changes.

Table of contents

Table of contents


This section describes the editor features in AutoCAD 2018. The features in this editor section are available only when you’re using the desktop software.

Command-line interface

The command-line interface is available via the command line, also known as the command line interface (CLI), which is a popular method of giving commands to a software application from the operating system command line.

In AutoCAD, you interact with the command line using one or more scripts. You can construct a script using a combination of language commands and results of other scripts. You can create macros and scripts to run the application’s commands automatically on a regular basis,

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Visual LISP and AutoLISP macros provide interactive and batch processing, with functions for graphing and matrix operations. Visual LISP is often used for generating parametric surfaces, surfaces with varying geometric characteristics (such as varying loft, no loft and varying splay), and surfaces based on geometric objects. AutoLISP is commonly used for graphing lines and surfaces, geometries, brushes, contour plots, parametric equations, all functions in AutoLISP and more. The Net Framework is a platform for creating and using Internet and intranet applications. The Framework includes the following functions: connection management, syntax for database access, templates for data types, data formating for communication and user authentication.

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is an add-on programming language created for Microsoft Windows that also runs on the Macintosh platform. VBA is an application programming interface that allows an application written in VBA to call and use external applications. One of the VBA functions is to access the AutoCAD Cracked Version software using COM and Microsoft ActiveX.
.NET is an object-oriented extension to the C# programming language that enables the rapid development of robust, highly-scalable Web applications that can take advantage of the full.NET Framework. VBA and.NET are both programming languages built on Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft.NET Framework.
ObjectARX is an object-oriented extension of the C++ language, with full compatibility with Visual C++. It is an extension of the Component Object Model (COM), providing a set of programming techniques and facilities similar to COM. It enables the development of tools that interact with AutoCAD objects through C++. In this way it functions like the.NET Framework for VBA.

These are built into AutoCAD LT.

Visual LISP
Visual LISP is an extension of Visual BASIC for creating complex macros that are designed to be used in AutoCAD drawing objects. It has a wide variety of built-in functions to manipulate drawing objects, such as lines, arcs, circles, text objects, and more. It is capable of creating 2-D and 3-D model projections, including z-extrusion, rasterizing, dimpling, cutting, and many others. Visual LISP has a built-in direct access to AutoCAD drawing objects that allows complex macros to be created that have no UI.

Visual LISP is similar to MATLAB and Visual BAS

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Select the option to create a new document.

Autodesk 360 has some advantages:

– The language is always English, the problem when you have any mistake.

– You can use some type of license.

– You can register multiple computers, therefore you don’t need to switch between computers.

– You have many options to set.

– There are cloud services to download all your data.

– You can protect your files by password.

– You can have many file formats.

– You can encrypt all or some files.

![AutoCAD App Connect](images/AutoCAD_appconnect_01.png){.thumbnail}

– The Autocad App Connect button appears and it asks you to login, please use the credentials that you use to login to the portal.

– You are going to make a new document.

– Once you are in the App Connect portal it will ask you to connect Autocad.

– Now the interface is ready to start.

– Go to **File** > **Open** > **Set Design Workplace**

![Window/Set Design Workplace](images/AutoCAD_appconnect_02.png){.thumbnail}

– You will see the following options:

– **Home** – Is the location to where to install the Autocad App Connect.

– **Import File** – There you are going to choose the file that you want to import.

– **Choose File** – It is where you select the folder and the file that you want to use.

![Import File](images/AutoCAD_appconnect_03.png){.thumbnail}

– **Design Workplace** – You can choose the workspace that you are going to use, which is **Home

What’s New In?

Tools for checking and editing large blocks of text:

Save blocks of text so that you can track changes made in comments and safely share them with others. Better yet, you can also make text blocks “sticky” so they stay in the same place even after you leave or reenter the drawing. (video: 1:38 min.)

How to train a new human, and how to use AI in AutoCAD to help

Discover how AutoCAD can be used to create artificial, four-dimensional, multi-dimensional and motion-based training scenarios. (video: 1:26 min.)

One-Click editing and Annotative Drawing:

Bring together Annotative Drawing and Markup Assist to let you perform common edits using Autodesk Designer in a single click. (video: 1:07 min.)

Join now!

AutoCAD is an industry-leading digital drafting and design system. With its rich feature set, AutoCAD is the standard against which other CAD solutions are measured. In AutoCAD, you have the tools you need to model, visualize, and analyze your designs. And you get the power to share and collaborate with others. In AutoCAD, there’s no limit to what you can do.


AutoCAD gives you the tools you need to generate high-quality technical drawings for any type of product. With AutoCAD, you can draw, import, and export data, and create and edit 2D and 3D drawings. And there’s more.


AutoCAD is the industry-leading 2D and 3D drafting and design solution. With AutoCAD, you have the tools you need to generate high-quality technical drawings for any type of product.

Get started by opening a file in AutoCAD, selecting a drawing type, and placing geometry onto the drawing canvas. Or, you can work right from the drawing tools using the intuitive tools that are designed to make common drafting tasks fast and simple. In addition, you can create parametric and datum objects using the Object Properties palette.


View your model from any angle and see it as the drafter would. The view tools available in AutoCAD work with your 3D model, not just on 2D drawings. You can draw a 3D viewport, zoom in and out, pan around, rotate, and align the viewport to a 3D model

System Requirements:

1. In order to play the game, the system must be connected to the Internet, via wireless or wired network connection.
2. Internet connection is needed to download the game’s content, in order for game’s features to work.
3. The recommended size of your internet connection is 1Mb/S.
4. On Wi-Fi, play the game by downloading it from your router or from the Google Play or Apple Store.

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