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With AutoCAD, users can design architectural or engineering drawings, or make technical illustrations or graphics.

AutoCAD uses a layered approach to 2D design. This allows users to visually group drawing elements into “layers” that can be viewed in isolation or in combination.

Drawing elements, such as lines, arcs, shapes, and text, are arranged as separate layers. This approach allows users to view or edit certain aspects of a drawing without impacting the other layers.

Layers are automatically arranged in layers and can be manipulated individually or as a group, and they can be moved, resized, hidden, duplicated, locked, and deleted.

Most 2D CAD programs use a “cursor” approach. The AutoCAD cursor allows users to pick up points (or other 2D objects) and drag them around the work area, or to modify them using standard “snap to” and “select” commands.

As a 3D CAD program, AutoCAD can help users to create 3D drawings. The 3D nature of AutoCAD allows users to easily select and modify a 3D object and to use more than one object in the same drawing.

The Type Tool is used to select standard geometric shapes such as lines, arcs, circles, squares, and rectangles.

The Quantity Tool is used to add or subtract standard shapes to a drawing.

The Properties Palette contains many of the settings used to define an object.

AutoCAD can perform many of the same editing functions as most other drawing programs, including redrawing the current drawing, deleting elements or layers, merging and splitting objects, rotating, moving, and scaling.

Drawing tools are useful for the most common functions.

Tables, Charts, and Lists let users to generate reports of data.

User preferences include:

Global Preferences (Desktop Options)

View/Open Preferences

User Preferences

Document Preferences

Special Features

Help Preferences

Mobile Preferences

Web Preferences

Print Preferences



Work Area





Function Menu

Modify Menu

Help Menu

Operations Menu

User Preferences

Preferences provide the user with a way to override AutoCAD defaults.

Each user can customize their own workspace to best fit their

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Personal / Free and Professional Editions

Autodesk AutoCAD Cracked Version 2010 for Mac and Autodesk AutoCAD Serial Key 2011 for Mac allow for free and professional use of the software, and include licensed support. The free edition is limited to one drawing. Both editions include some free fonts and 3D models from the Autodesk Media & Entertainment range.

In 2011 Autodesk launched Autodesk Digital Design (formerly AutoCAD Design Suite), a project which includes Autodesk Revit (later renamed Autodesk Revit Architecture) and Autodesk Navisworks (later renamed Autodesk Navisworks Architecture) to compete against the industry-dominating CAD industry.

Mobile products

AutoCAD, with an ARM based Linux kernel from Global Foundries, is available on a range of mobile products, including Android, Windows Phone, and iOS operating systems.

Android was the first mobile operating system to officially include AutoCAD.

AutoCAD apps were also included with the Android version of Autodesk Navisworks for Digital Design (now Autodesk Navisworks Architecture) and AutoCAD Architecture.

AutoCAD 2012 for iPad added iPhone and iPod Touch support, and Autodesk VRAY for iPad was also released in 2012.

Open source

AutoCAD is available as open source on GitHub under the GNU GPL. It includes the command line, and the Python scripting language. Python bindings are also available in the Python Tools for Visual Studio.

AutoCAD 2016 and later also supports IPY (Instant Python), which allows for easy access to the Python language.

AutoCAD Architecture and Revit Architecture are also available for open source, under the MIT license. Autodesk has also supported OpenVRP for open source, until version 5.3.

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AutoCAD – 3D CAD Standards Association – Autodesk member.
AutoCAD mobile – Autodesk online mobile CAD application.

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React-Native: Rendering an SVG

I’m using React-Native, and I’m trying to render an SVG. I’m getting the following error:
Unexpected token ‘{‘ in JSON at position 0
It seems to be parsing a string, but not what I’m passing. Am I missing something obvious? Here’s the code:
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You need to use the component instead of

should be used if you want to insert an SVG document in a React

And then just pass your props to
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Use this now:

What’s New in the?

Markup Assist includes changes-of-function and position conversion tools that allow you to quickly place icons or text in a variety of parts in your drawing. It includes the ability to do this with a single mouse click.

There is no limit to the number of marks you can add to your drawing. The changes-of-function and position conversion tools can work for layers, blocks, and the parts of the drawing.

Raster image enhancements:

A new preset that has been created to make editing and improving raster images easier and more accurate. The new preset includes all the common tasks you perform with a selection and a bunch of shortcuts to make it quick and easy.

Even though we still strongly believe in our fully-featured selection tool, we’ve taken the opportunity to update the features of the selection tool to the new version. There’s a new composite mode that shows you what’s selected or selected and highlighted. You can now see the difference between your selection and a marquee, and there’s a new method for increasing the selection range.

The new version includes these changes:

You can set the size of the marquee tool to be larger than the entire drawing. The new tool window is more compact and provides more information. (video: 2:03 min.)

You can now select the location and draw lines with a single-click, even for multiple lines.

In the new versions of the command line, a search option has been added to the autocad command-line.

The help file now provides information about how to use the new version.

The selection tool’s tool options are now available in the menu bar, and you can choose to include them in the command line.

The selection tool now includes the ability to increase and decrease the selection range with a single click.

With the new version of the command line, you can switch to a specific view, hide or show commands, and save the current view.

The new version includes a new method for selecting and highlighting the difference between your selection and the default selection.

Object snap improvements:

You can now use object snap to find specific points and create a selection area that’s exactly the same size as the point.

The object snap preview window is now sized to fit the drawing and the area in which you’re

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

PlayStation®3/PlayStation®4, PlayStation® Vita, or PC
Sellotape required for all resolutions
Link “Insert Coin” required
Additional Requirements for PS3 and PS4:
In order to get the best results when playing the game with a PlayStation®4 system, please consider the following points:
*In order to view video files in the game, the resolution of the game must be at least 1280 x 720 and the frame rate must be 30 frames per second.
*If the game

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