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. “So, that’s Adobe’s latest addition to the lineup and most certainly a sign that it has been working hard.Trichocline

Trichocline is a genus of about forty species of flowering plants belonging to the pea family (Fabaceae), the tribe Phaseoleae. It is largely a native of the Americas. Most species are clustered in two centers of distribution in South and Central America. The genus probably originated there, but may also have originated elsewhere. It may be polyphyletic, with Trichocline being closely related to Parvula (another genus from the Americas).

Most species have arils similar to lima beans. The beans have not been studied in detail, and their culinary properties are unknown.

The genus was described by Carl Ludwig Willdenow in 1786, on the basis of specimens in the herbarium of the Paris Museum. It was reduced to a synonym of Phaseolus by Asa Gray in 1887, and to a monospecific genus by A. F. Grenier in 1926.

Formerly included
Trichocline was long included in Phaseolus, a genus which is not closely related to it. A 2008 analysis of molecular data found it to be a member of the Phaseolus clade together with Phaseolus, the type genus of that group. It had also been treated as a member of Stemmadenia. The genus Parvula was found to be closely related to it, and it was transferred to Parvula.

Trichocline comprises the following species:

Trichocline acutifolia C.Presl
Trichocline aequatorialis Warb.
Trichocline angustifolia J.F.Macbr.
Trichocline aracena Griseb.
Trichocline argentea Stellfeld
Trichocline atropurpurea (C.V.Morton) R.J.Downie
Trichocline brevicornuta Scheid
Trichocline campestris Griseb.
Trichocline carneo-bicolor F.M.Knuth
Trichocline chilensis (Baker) Stellfeld & Thulin
Trichocline chlorantha C.V.Morton


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