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Div inside div on the right side

I’m trying to get a div at the right side of another div.
I thought the following would work:
.div-group-right {
float: right;

It does, but it puts the element right under the end of the div.
I’ve tried also:
.div-group-right {
float: right;
margin-right: 50px;

But that doesn’t work too.
How can I put this div at the right side of the div?


In your fiddle, you have a container div with a width of 2400px and a margin-right property of 200px. Thus, the right margin of your outer div is 2400px – 200px = 2400 – 2400 = -400px.
Given that the 500px you added to the right margin is larger than 400px, and your inner div is set to 50% width and margins are added by the browser, 50% + (50% + 50%) = 50% + (50% + 50%) + (50% + 50%) = 100% + (100% + 100%) = 300% + (300% + 300%) = 600%.
You need to either move the 50% width to the outside div (because 100% widths are applied to the outer div), or change the margin-right and inner div width to make the margin be 400px.

To avoid the “how do I get a div at the right side of another div” questions, you can use flexbox.
If you would set the div-group-right to flex: 1, the outer div will have a height of 50% as it has no margin on either sides. Its child is set to 50% both in width and height, and thus you get 50% of 200px on the right side.


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I have a project with spring 2.5

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